A Virginian married to a New Orleanian, working at a museum in Brooklyn. I brake for transit history and old churches.

People riding dolphins in a Baptism of Christ icon? Sure, why not. (at Cathedral Basilica of St. James)

For crying out loud, Hillary’s not actually the one gestating this child.

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The view when I got off the train tonight. (at South Orange Train Station)
Alleluia.  (at 🐣💐Happy Easter)
I don’t even know what this is but I like it. #brooklyn  (at NYSC Cobble Hill)
Leaving last night’s #ChrismMass in Newark. Just two liturgy addicts getting our #HolyWeek fix started early.  (at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey)
Happy days are here again.  (at Brooklyn Borough Hall)
Good morning, Papa Frank! I kind of want to high five his picture. #catholic #popefrancis #subway #brooklyn (at Brooklyn Borough Hall)

I have to quote this scene every time I visit a hospital.

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there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

I just went to a history conference this weekend and yeah, pretty much sometimes.

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