A Virginian married to a New Orleanian, working at a museum in Brooklyn. I brake for transit history and old churches.

I don’t even know what this is but I like it. #brooklyn  (at NYSC Cobble Hill)
Leaving last night’s #ChrismMass in Newark. Just two liturgy addicts getting our #HolyWeek fix started early.  (at Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey)
Happy days are here again.  (at Brooklyn Borough Hall)
Good morning, Papa Frank! I kind of want to high five his picture. #catholic #popefrancis #subway #brooklyn (at Brooklyn Borough Hall)

I have to quote this scene every time I visit a hospital.

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there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

I just went to a history conference this weekend and yeah, pretty much sometimes.

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I may have overdone the colorful accents today. #sorrynotsorry
Keep on doing what you do, Chelsea.  (at The High Line)
Spring can’t come fast enough.  (at Supreme Court of New York, Kings County)
Is this what you came to find, Columbus?  (at Columbus Park)